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Luglio, 2020

Mer08LugTutto il giornoGio09Evento rimandatoCoiltech DE 2020Coil Winding - Ulm, GermaniaTipo evento:Fiere

Dettagli evento

Coiltech Deutschland 2020, fiera internazionale dei materiali e macchinari per la produzione di motori elettrici, generatori, trasformatori ed avvolgimenti in genere.

Presenteremo alla World Magnetic Conference (WMC) innovazioni nel campo delle macchine elettriche e degli avvolgimenti:

  • Luigi Rizzi presenta “Innovative motors for electric mobility: the challenge of increasing the power density and the efficiency”

Electric mobility has changed the way we approach the purchase of a new car. Until now, none of us ever got into a car dealer and asked information about the capacity of the fuel tank, but with electric cars the driving range is the first feature we look for. It is affected by a lot of parameters, including the way we drive, but as electric engineers involved in the design of motors we should focus on important keywords like efficiency, power density and torque density. In this presentation we will show a few examples of innovative design developed in order to find a solution to the growing needs for electrification. We will concentrate on two main topics: increasing the torque density and reducing the losses.

  • Simone Sgarzi presenta “Synchronous Reluctance Motor: electromagnetic optimization for low torque ripple design and industrialization constrains”

Synchronous Reluctance Motors could be a good solution for a reliable motor with low production cost, but a fine design is necessary to reduce the intrinsic torque ripple that affects these types of motors. Rare earth magnet cost, and supply chain, drives the technical choice of motor designer, binding some technical decisions. In this presentation we will show how the design of a rare earth free synchronous reluctance motor must take in consideration electromagnetic optimization and also manufacturing/technology constrains.

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Luglio 8 (Mercoledì) - 9 (Giovedì)

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